We’re packing for a new destination . . .

Bonjour Friends,

We’ve got some updates about our orbit . . .

At the beginning of the ‘Rona, I got a pretty clear ‘clair’ message: Playtime’s over. Time to get to work. 

I’ve been guided to change course in my offerings on this beautiful blue planet! It’s time. And after spending time being scared of being seen. I know it’s time for me to show my woo woo ways to the world.

Y’all are even going to hear how I hid my woo woo from my husband — hiding in the bathroom mediating, secretly sending love across the planet, anchoring light for Mama Gaia.

Yep. Hid it all. Until we reached an absolute tipping point on the planet which made me finally surrender to my role as a light leader. 

And heck, if my hubby still loves me after hearing about the crazy stuff I believe, and do, and channel then there really is nothing to loose by sharing my gifts with the world. Only things to gain. Only things to gain for us all . . .

I am a channel and a portal. I’m here to help with the Great Awakening and the Ascension of humanity, Mama Gaia, and the animals. 

I’m also here on a divine mission with my husband, Miles. Where, as a couple, we show you can live in divine union with your partner without that union being obviously and overtly what people think of as spiritual looking.

Miles does not sit in mediation daily, I do. I am very aware of my soul’s mission. Miles is like: what’s a soul’s mission? But here he is, a brilliant light keeper, completely unaware of what he’s doing on a conscious level. He’s also my embodied protector creating sacred space for me to fulfill my divine purpose.

I’m very woo woo, Miles is not woo woo at all, but you can see how it’s all woven. 

So let me bring it all down to earth . . . I can’t do all of the stuff I’m currently on the planet to do on this blog platform. So we’re methodically packing ‘er all up, moving everything over to Kajabi.

I’m very excited to now have a pretty cool website that’s going to have offerings to help ya’ radiate your spiritualista self — meditations, course, and story time. Plus, the good ol’ blog. That yes, will have some spiritual elements, but also luxurious travels, high end shopping, Mr & Mrs approved television shows, loose yourself in another world books, and Ina worthy recipes. After all, we’re here to create and appreciate the totality of a luxurious human experience.

Right now you can get to us at jetsetjiles.mykajabi.com (eventually it will be jetsetjiles.com but the tech stuff takes me awhile!). If you want to peak at the new Jet Set Jiles website you can click here! 

We love you all so much. And we are so grateful to you for reading along all these years. Looking forward to seeing you at our next destination. 

Oh, and if you’d like to be an even bigger part of our set, we’d love for you to follow us on Instagram!

Okie dokie folks, sending lots of light, love, laughter, luxury, and lightheartedness around Mama Gaia. And hope to see you around the Gram while we get the new website together!

xxx • Jennifer (& Miles!)

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